Mecanim Callbacker

This is a complex, professional and flexible solution for tracking any events happening in the Unity Mecanim Animator as well as creating custom animation state-based curves, events and procedures.


 Seamless integration

You do not need to change anything in your work with Unity Mecanim. Customize your animations, states, sub-state machines as you are used to and enjoy new functionality provided by Mecanim Callbacker.

 Intuitive editors

Create presets for your categories, groups, events and curves in an intuitive and easy-to-use editor with full undo support.

 Full source code

The full source code for both editor and runtime is open and included within the package! No DLLs here. Written by developers, for developers!

 Useful events

Mecanim callbacker provides tons of events that can give a complete picture of what is happening in the Mecanim now. You can subscribe to them both in the inspector and in the code.

 Object pooling

All entities that are used to run Mecanim Callbacker can be created in several ways, including using pools. This allows you to reduce the total number of GС calls for weak platforms.

 High performance

Use the full power of the Mecanim Callbacker without impact on performance. All internal code is written in accordance with the “GC-free” principle and does not cause unnecessary actions. Only the code that is subscribed to is executed.

 Responsible Support

Enjoy responsible and fast support, always there to help you with any problem you may encounter.

 Fully documented

There is a complete and understandable specification
of the asset with examples of use, manuals, api docs and full documentation of methods in the code.

 Multiplatform publishing

Asset can be publish to any non-beta platform supported by Unity out of the box include iOs, Android and il2cpp platforms.

It's a pretty interesting asset. I haven't seen any other ones with similar functionality and while it's still in beta, it looks good and makes working with Mecanim so much easier.

Anton Tselikov


It is clear that a lot of thought has been put into the asset. MC does exactly what it says and then some more. Even at it's current beta state, it is very flexible to suite most if not all animation to code syncing needs that I have with a very clean UI and code.

Vaggelis Gavalakis