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Mecanim Callbacker is a complex, professional and flexible solution for tracking any events happening in the Unity Mecanim Animator as well as creating custom animation state-based curves, events and procedures." This is a pretty accurate definition of what Mecanim Callbacker is. Accurate definition, but not the most straighforward.

Primary goal of this asset is to help Unity developers when working with Mecanim Animator. Quite often big animation controllers cause hardships when writing code, controlling them, and we have to either simplify controller itself, or to load code into the so-called "if-else hell". In particular, by separating the design of animated objects and code that controls those objects, and by giving access to the wide selection of callbacks, our asset helps to avoid both of those situations. Also, this asset lets you to majorly simplify and speed up almost all stages of prototyping that relate to animating objects in Unity.

This asset helps you to:

  • Get precise information about what's going on inside Animator at a given moment and to perform only code that is necessary for precisely that state of the object.
  • Create curves and events, that are tied to states, not animations, which can be affected by parameters of Animator itself.
  • Create procedures, code of which is completely depended on the current state of the animated object, and then use those procedures in any part of the code.
  • Get information not only about the entities of the asset itself, but also "raw" data of Animator on object level with larger amounts of information, than those provided by standard StateMachineBehaviour.

An importanant part is the fact that this asset DOESN'T replace Mecanim, neither it changes its functions. This asset does not work with Legacy Animations, nor it is not analagous to Locomotion System. In many cases this asset speeds up creation of code and development of systems working with Mecanim, but does not change approach to creation of animation FSM.

You can learn in further detail about all elements in the following sections.

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