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1. FlowCanvas


Package with integration scripts can be found here. You can install this package as usual custom *.unitypackage.


  1. Scripts for integration (HolyShovelSoft/MecanimCallbackerIntegrations/FlowCanvas/Nodes). They are located outside custom asmdef. This is done with purpose of maximal compatibility with majority of Unity project layouts. If necessary, asmdef can be put directly into the folder HolyShovelSoft/MecanimCallbackerIntegrations/FlowCanvas and set up so that in References of a given Assembly were set MecanimCallbacker and FlowCanvas (depending on your project settings it can also be other Assemblies).
  2. Remake of "6. Procedures" scene from the asset examples using only FlowCanvas nodes(HolyShovelSoft/MecanimCallbackerIntegrations/FlowCanvas/Examples). Without installed primary example asset (MecanimCallbacker) this scene will not function!
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